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I Gave Redditors Payday Loans on r/Borrow. Will They Pay Me Back?

The subreddit r/borrow is for redditors looking for payday loans via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo and other means. The subreddit acts as a place for peer to peer ...

Exploring Consumer Debt with Petal Card

Stemming from their work on income volatility, the Aspen Institute's Expanding Prosperity Impact Collaborative (EPIC) shifted their focus to their second and ...

Reddit Personal Loan For Credit Card Debt
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Personal Loan to pay off credit cards? -

No, taking out another loan to pay off your "loan" (debt) won't help anything. With your credit, you're unlikely to get any personal loan with interest rates lower than your credit card APR anyway. I would just keep making the largest payment possible on your debt every month.

Personal Loans for Credit Card Debt. -

I got about $10,000 in CC debt right now. Between 3 cards all at which are at 20-25% APR. I am thinking of taking out a personal loan at around 9-10% to help me pay this off. I got an offer with no early payment fees which I plan to take advantage of. I just think I'm paying too much interest. Also as of today I am leaving all my credit cards ...

Debt Management and Debt Help - reddit

I have £4600 CC debt and have just taken out a £3000 loan (not from the same bank), to cover some recent debt I got myself into. My credit card limit is £7600 (which would mean if they can take on the extra £3000 onto the card) would I be able to speak to my bank regarding whether they can take on the personal loan as part of my credit card ...

Don't Use Personal Loan For Credit Card Debt -

In the matter of personal loan vs credit card, everyone has their favorite. Both options are valid ways of dealing with debt. You can use a personal loan for credit card debt just as easily as you would use a balance transfer card. However, there are factors to consider.

Considering Personal Loan for $17k Credit Card Debt ...

TLDR; I want to take out a personal loan to pay off around $17k in CC debt because my idiot self keeps digging me further into the hole. My credit score is so so but I'm at a loss for what I should do at this point.

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